Tips How to Use Credit Card And Advice

Tips How to Use Credit Card And Advice

When you decide to use a credit card, you must first determine the limit you will use. Do not accept a card limit that will force your income much higher than you need. If your limit is still higher than your income, do your shopping according to your income rather than your card limit. This is the biggest mistake made in using credit cards and this item will be the first factor when you have serious problems with your card. Suggestion: Do not spend your expense in mind of “how do I have a credit card?”

The greatest convenience of a credit card is that you may have already made your purchase and paid at the end of the month. However, the prospect of what you are paying for is what happens here. If you are paying the minimum amount of your card debt each month, you will have many problems in the future. Moreover, this minimum payment you make will also affect your credit score. In fact, there is one thing that will seriously affect your credit rating: your debt is not paid! Your bank will consider your credit score at the end of your financial transactions as a result of irregular payments and will likely respond negatively to your credit application. Tip: Be sure to make regular payments. Be sure to pay the minimum amount of your debt.

“I pay regularly, I deposit a minimum amount every month.” How long will these minimum payments go to you? We will return to the first item, but first make a card selection according to your budget. Then make sure you pay regularly. The minimum amount you deposit each month will leave you with the debt in the loaded amount after 4-5 months. Is there no way to get rid of this debt? Certainly; You can use your card bank again, you can close your debts with the need credit. But then again, regular payment terms will be waiting for you. ] Suggestion: If your debts are incurred in the coming months due to the minimum amount, close your debts by using the required credits and make the rest of your payments exactly on the day.

Do you know what features a credit card you use have? For example, is it a card that earns travel miles or can you collect extra points for your purchases? Each of these features will be of great help when using credit cards. If you travel frequently with your flight, your credit card will earn you miles, which will provide you with advantages and credits on your next flight. On the other hand, a credit card that lets you make your payments a few months later, or a feature that earns you points for each purchase, will make your budget very comfortable. Suggestion: The decision you make when choosing a credit card also affects your usage process. A credit card that you choose according to your budget or your social life will give you great advantages.

The number of credit cards used in Turkey is increasing day by day. Moreover, the number of people using a single credit card is very small. Consumers who are trying to close their debts with multiple cards are not underestimated. In this case, what should the problem do to survive? If you have more than one card, you should pay attention to the cut-off dates first. The first thing you’ll do is make sure your cards have different account cut-off dates. This way you can make payments between your cards, you can save the worst problems. Tip: If you’re using multiple credit cards, be sure to set different account cut-off dates. Source

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